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Yuma Grow Consulting Services

Proven Results



Expert Guidance

Looking to start your garden but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. The garden and canna industry is full of misleading marketing and products. We will help you get down to brass tacks on what is truly necessary when starting your garden.


In-Person Classes

Learn in hands-on workshops with others!

Reading about a subject is one thing, but there is only so much that can be learned by reading alone. Hands-on workshops are great to really capture the subtle details and nuances that can't be absorbed through the pages of a book. We will schedule regular classes on a variety of important topics. Check back frequently, or sign up for the newsletter to get all the juicy details!


Korean Natural Farming (KNF)

The Apex of Regenerative Organics

I had the great privilege to attend a week-long seminar under Chris Trump of The Natural Farming Company. Chris Trump has one of the oldest and most productive macadamia nut orchards in Hawaii.  He saw the damage being done to his beautiful land by dumping tons of fertilizers and chemicals into his orchards, as is the way of traditional agriculture. From one season to the next the soil becomes inhospitable to microbiology and is turned into a chemical wasteland. The only way to grow once the microbiology is driven out is to dump on more fertilizers and keep up the never-ending cycle. 

This could turn into a very long description, so I am just going to have to grossly oversimplify this description....

KNF focuses on culturing and utilizing indigenous microorganisms in order to return life to the soil.  Bacteria, micro/macroorganisms, and fungi are responsible for making nutrients plant-available.  When you douse your soil with chemicals it drives the biology out of your soil, and then your plants become dependant upon the chemical fertilizers. Through KNF we are able to re-establish the microbiome and return things to their proper natural function. KNF relies solely on working with things in nature in order to promote a healthy, living microbiome.  Through the culturing of microorganisms and the utilization of fermented plant extracts, we are able to create all of our own necessary inputs to grow organically at a fraction of the cost of traditional organic growing. 

KNF is an extremely detailed and hands-on style of organic growing. This is the upper echelon of organics!

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