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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

First off a little about me....

I have been a state licensed caregiver in AZ for many years now, but even before that I was obsessed with growing cannabis and other medicinal plants and fungi. I have been licensed to grow since the inception of the AZ med card program, but have been growing long since before then. I have grown cannabis in just about every method out there. Soil, coco, DWC, NFT, aeroponics, ebb and flow, drip systems, PPK's......the list goes on!

I had an instant fascination with all things hydroponics from the get go. I had originally written off soil and organics because of the explosive growth/production rates of hydroponics in comparison to traditional soil growing. There was a quote I ran across recently and since I am going off of memory I am sure to butcher it, but the gist of it was that we know more about the universe around us than we do about the soil just underneath our feet. The more I learn about the expansive world of living soils, KNF, JADAM etc... the more i realize that those practices are the key to saving the environment and world itself. Two words can illustrate that better than anything: Carbon Sequestration.

If you browse through my pictures on here you will see a wide variety of growing styles and techniques I have used over the years. EVERY SINGLE PICTURE ON THIS WEBSITE IS MY OWN. I do not download pictures from Google for my own personal use.

I love to build DIY hydro/grow systems and start from the ground up. Building is a big part of the fun for me.

Let me put my years of dedication and experience to work for you! We will be offering one on one consultations as well as hands on classes on the basic fundamentals of growing.

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