Soil v Hydro: Which is Better?

Perhaps a better question would be, which is better for me? Each growing method has pros and cons, each method will produce fine cannabis if done properly. There are several different factors to consider when choosing a growing method like, time available to work in the garden, background in basic chemistry, space available to work and prep substrates, access to suitable water, waterproofing your space, and many others.

Some people want what is easiest, not necessarily what is the most productive. There are many different options for first timers who are new to gardening entirely. Within each category there are also multiple subcategories as well. Some might say "I want to grow in soil." Are you mixing your own soils or are you going to buy a premade bagged soil off the shelf? Also keep in mind whether or not you would like to grow organically, or grow with chemical fertilizer salts. This brings up a whole separate blog topic to follow this one. The great debate of organic v chemical fertilizers. For now i will try and stick to the script......

For those of you that like the idea of hydroponics the options are nearly infinite. This is exciting but also daunting. The old saying, "there's more than one way to skin a cat" comes to mid here. If you go online and search hydroponics in google you will quickly learn there are a ton of different growing methods for hydro. Most of them work well if done correctly, but some have lopsided pros and cons. The best option is figuring out what makes sense for your particular application after doing a ton of research. Don't get caught up in yield claims or anything like that. You see that all the time with newer growers asking questions like "how much can i yield with this or that?" because if you do it wrong the answer is probably nothing, and you should have chosen something better suited to a beginner.

I will sum this up with some of the main points of each:

Soil: Easiest for beginners with proper regimen, more forgiving than hydroponics, readily available at most garden stores, lower cost up front

Hydroponics: Fast growth rates generally equates to higher yields, extremely unforgiving depending on system style, lots of options to suit any need, specialty products are generally harder to get in smaller towns, higher cost up front in comparison.

This might sound like I am bashing hydro, but I promise you that I am not. I would simply prefer people to know what they are getting into before making their final decision.

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