Gardening for a 6-12 plant count limit.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Many people think that only being able to grow 6-12 plants is a big hindrance. Although it presents certain challenges in order to be efficient and productive, gardening with a small plant count can still be extremely productive with the right setup. In this situation we have to consider what your goals and expectations are and then plan accordingly. I can grow 12 half ounce plants or i can grow 12 one pound yielding plants from them same genetics. All i have to do is make the proper adjustments and vary my growing style in order to achieve the desired results.

Pictured below is a 10' x 10' grow tent with 4 plants that yielded over 5 pounds total. Yes, you read that right. Over five pounds with four plants was achieved in a relatively small area. This is probably multiple years worth of medicine for the average user.

This was also the first run in this style of hydroponic system with vertical lighting, so with some proper dialing in and tinkering far great efficiency could be achieved.

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